New Release Adds Integration with Google Drive, easier Branding, Referral Program, More Control, Automatic Time Zones & More

New Release Adds Integration with Google Drive, easier Branding, Referral Program, More Control, Automatic Time Zones & More

Custom Branding Picture

Since yesterday, Business Hangouts users are enjoying a new release, version 1310.2, with the following features:

  • The host and the moderators more control. They can now eject Viewers/Participants if the decide to. Watch the Video
  • The host and the moderators now fully controls what everyone else sees, including the participants, when in presentation mode, including the choice of the quadrant view vs. the mono-window view: Watch the Video
  • When the host activates “Mute All” everyone’s microphone is muted until the host un-mutes them all or individually (previously they could un-mute themselves immediately),  Watch the Video
  • Time zones now adapt automatically to each attendee’s local time zone. No more need to specify different time zones on the registration page. Invitation e-mails and reminders mention attendees time zone regardless to the host’s time zone setup.
  • When switching from Presentation to Collaboration mode, the active video stream for all participants will be the last one selected (Last collaborator highlighted) Watch the Video
  • Enhancement: Full support of special foreign language characters Watch the Video
  • More customization: You can now not only have a custom branded registration page, a custom branded login page, but also a fully animated and customized picture as seen in this blog post’s featured image. The animated images are visible during the presentation. The animation can be built by providing either still images with time steps or pre-animated gif files, or a combination of both.
  • Easier customization: when customizing the above mentioned pictures, as well as your lower third or your comment broadcasting background, and more generally when customization requires your custom picture, BHO now allows you to upload directly from your local disk or from your Google Drive, and if you choose to upload it from your local disk, it stores the picture file for you on your Google Drive space.
  • Last but not least: Referral Program. Now paid users of the app, who are effectively and actively using BHO and recommend it to their colleagues, friends or connections, who are new to BHO, get compensated with a referral credit. Learn more here.
  • To make presenter’s task even easier, if a host organizes a webinar or a BHOA and at the end of the event, an attendee clicks on the PLAN A HANGOUTS menu or any other command requiring a host account and that attendee ends up subscribing to BHO, they will be flagged as being referred by that host.  Watch the Video

The last 2 items above in regards with the referral program will be detailed more in future communications.

Let us know how you like this new release.