Business Hangouts’ New Pricing Now Live!

Business Hangouts’ New Pricing Now Live!

Business Hangouts’ New Pricing Now Live!

There Is A New Pricing For BUSINESS HANGOUTS!

2/20/2014 – As we had pre-announced last week, we just changed our pricing a little bit. Here are the changes:

1. If you are an existing paying client, there is no price change for you. Just a free upgrade, as your subscription has more in it:

  • PRO customers, limited to 50 simultaneous attendees can now enjoy a limit of 100 simultaneous attendees.
  • BUSINESS customers, limited to 100 simultaneous attendees are now upgraded to unlimited attendees.
  • Both plans will get the new features of BHOA events and the custom registration page.

2. For both new and existing clients, ANNUAL plans have been added on top of existing monthly plans, allowing two months of saving when the subscription is paid annually.

3. For new clients only, the PRO plan, initially priced at $9/mo limited to 50 attendees has been upgraded to $19/mo with up to 100 attendees and now includes the BHOA EVENTS and the custom registration features.

4. Former higher-end plans have been integrated into the ENTERPRISE plans as they were targeted mainly to the Enterprise market.

5. The full premium featured plan, with unlimited number of attendees, is now only $49/month OR $490/year.

What? Not yet subscribed?! Should be kidding… Here’s the link, start with your free subscription now.